Vehicles for transporting things

If you organize the move yourself, arrange in advance with the transport company that will provide the car. It is important to choose a car with a cargo compartment that is large enough to fit all your belongings, but not too spacious so that you do not overpay for extra volume.

When choosing a transport, you need to consider the following factors:

access roads for cars at both addresses – barriers, underground parking lots, arches and other structures can impose restrictions on the height of the body and, accordingly, the type of car;
the size of furniture and large items – the height of the van depends on them; and for equipment and property that are allowed to be transported only vertically (these include refrigerators, for example), add from 10 cm of “reserve”;
tented Gazelles, which have gained great popularity, are highly not recommended for use on crossings! They will not protect your property from moisture, dust, and most importantly – mechanical damage during transportation. Be sure to make sure that the van of the car you have chosen is equipped with fasteners (fixing straps) for safe transportation;
when loading heavy, bulky items weighing more than 100 kg, it is convenient to use a car with a tail lift – a kind of “elevator”;
after loading, the car van must be sealed – be present during the procedure and when signing the documents, check whether the seal number is indicated in them so as not to run into trouble.

Pay attention to all these details when choosing a transport. If you are not sure that you yourself will be able to determine the type of transport you need, the volume of the body and calculate the exact time of the car, contact the managers of a professional moving company.