Tips for moving to another city

In the modern world, with developed transport communications, human migration has become commonplace. Both local, within one locality, and larger ones, with a move to another city or even to another country.

There are many reasons why we change our place of residence. Each case is unique to some extent, and it is impossible to name factors universal for all that can influence the decision to move. But some general questions, advice and recommendations, perhaps, can be formulated.

We will make a reservation right away that we will not consider situations related to short or medium-term trips. If the whole move is connected with packing two suitcases, and returning home with the same set in three or four months, this is not our case. We will talk about options for global relocation, when the move is either permanent or for a long period, measured in years.

So, you are faced with a choice – to move or not? What is worth considering and what to pay attention to before you finally decide on such a serious step? Since our recommendations are general in nature, in some specific cases their priorities and relevance may change. Our goal is only to draw attention to their presence, and then everyone is free to determine for himself where to place accents.

Location selection
The first thing you should pay attention to is the actual place where you want to move. It would seem that for those who go on a business trip, this factor should also not play a role, but … If the business trip is long, and you have to live in a city that categorically does not suit you, then it may be better to refuse. If possible, of course…
If the purpose of the move is not related to work and the destination is variable, all the more you should carefully consider the choice. Read about the area you are planning to move to, get to know the natives on social networks, and even better – with those who also moved, but a little earlier than you. Ask questions – you will learn a lot of useful things.
It is very good if there is an opportunity to personally visit the chosen city in advance, “try on” it for yourself. Moreover, one should try to look not with the eyes of a tourist, but more deeply and substantively. Walk through areas that lie away from tourist routes, visit markets, supermarkets, shopping centers.
For many, climate will be an important factor. Sea coast or “real winter”? Or maybe it’s worth considering humidity, windiness, the number of sunny days, or other moments that are personally significant for you and your family.

Employment in a new place
One of the fundamental, in our opinion, is the issue of employment. What to do in a new place, what to get your livelihood? Of course, if your move is connected just with a business trip, then this question disappears by itself. This problem is also irrelevant for those lucky ones who work remotely and are not geographically tied to the place of employment. For others, this is a top priority that needs to be addressed. Even if you are a highly qualified and sought-after specialist, self-confident, it is not at all a fact that there are open vacancies waiting for you in a new place that correspond to your qualifications and your needs. The search for a job can be delayed, so it’s better to think about it in advance or, at worst, have financial reserves that will allow you for some time (sometimes quite a lot!) Not to think about what money to buy food tomorrow.

Housing problem
In parallel with this, it is worth looking closely at the housing market. It often happens that the city seems very beautiful and cozy, but the cost of real estate (whether rented or bought) puts an end to plans to settle in a nice area. You have to choose housing in much less respectable and convenient parts of the city. And this can negate all the positive from the move.
And when looking at housing, do not forget to pay attention not only to the cost of buying or renting, but also to the amount of utility bills, because, depending on the region, this factor can seriously affect the choice. For example, in some regions, apartments in new buildings have autonomous gas heating, because central heating, which is familiar to residents of most large cities, turns out to be much more expensive.

Flowers of life
If you are moving with children, then the issue of education comes to the fore. What school or kindergarten will your children go to, what are the conditions there, are there any queues? You may have to consider the location of educational institutions when choosing an area to live in. In addition, consider what clubs and sections the children will attend, and how will they get there?

Do not forget that different regions have their own peculiarities of mentality. It may turn out that, having moved to a new city, after some time you will find that people here live closed and gloomy, or, conversely, cheeky and careless. In your opinion, of course, because from their point of view, everything is in order. But you will have to adapt to this, and whether you can accept these rules of the game or not is an important question. If, having arrived in a new city, you turn out to be a black sheep with your habits and ideas about life, it is unlikely that your stay will be comfortable.

When determining for yourself an area for living, be sure to pay attention to the infrastructure. Including transport. Especially if you are moving from a metropolis to a small city, the problem of distances can even seem ridiculous. But believe me, over time, having adapted to the local rhythm of life and its way of life, your ideas about what is far away will also change. Estimate how much time you have to spend daily on the road, what transport you will use. If you intend to travel by public transport, study the route network and schedule. This can be very helpful. And, perhaps, will change the choice in favor of another area. And also keep in mind that in cities (and not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg) there are traffic jams. And during rush hour, even an area that is not very remote from the center can be difficult to reach. You can also study road dynamics remotely, for example, using the Yandex.Maps service.

Habitual lifestyle
It is also important to monitor the places of leisure. Where will you spend your free time? If you find an opportunity to make a preliminary trip, go shopping, take a look at what products and goods are sold in this region. You may not see something that you have long been accustomed to at home. Can you do without it or find a replacement? Are there stores with your favorite brands or restaurants of your favorite cuisine? Is there a place to do the right sport? Can you create the conditions for the hobby you prefer?