Relocation assistants

Moving is extremely difficult to organize solely on your own. If you apply to a moving service, its employees help you. Otherwise, you will need the support of acquaintances, relatives, friends. Make a list of people who can help pack and move things. Ask your loved ones for sure if they agree, if they have time on the appointed day – you may need to reschedule the move to another date. Think over how you will act in force majeure situations, if the assistants suddenly cannot come, refuse, get sick – make a “plan B” for yourself.

If you do not apply to a moving company that provides comprehensive support when moving, but to ordinary movers, approach their choice as responsibly as possible. Illegal carriers are dangerous not only because of doubtful skills, but also because of the risk of theft and damage to things. Having chosen a contractor, make sure that he provides the necessary guarantees: a contract will be concluded, the liability of the contractor is indicated, you will receive consignment notes and waybills with which the property is officially accepted for transportation.

In addition to movers, you may need cleaners to help clean the house after moving or prepare a new place of residence for settlement, computer masters, Internet provider employees, etc. It is worth writing out separately the contacts of a trusted ready-made food delivery service – in case you do not have time for cooking in the first days.