How to pack a bed

Thoughtful packaging will help to minimize the risk of damage to the bed elements during transportation. For the packing procedure, you should call to movers and packers boston ma and take:

sheets of packaging corrugated cardboard;
bubble wrap;
wide tape (the wider the better);
any covering materials (cardboard, multilayer packaging paper, polyethylene, non-woven fabric);
small containers.

During the packaging process, the characteristics of the parts must be taken into account. Elements with laminated, varnished and polished surfaces should be wrapped several times with bubble wrap and fixed with adhesive tape, and corners, ribs, lamellas of the backs and sides should be reinforced with cardboard. The frame spring mattress must be wrapped with paper, cling film or construction polyethylene.

The frame itself can be transported without packaging, putting soft fabric and foam rubber between the beams in the holes to prevent the crate from breaking. Fasteners should be placed in plastic or metal containers with a screw cap. Soft parts (backs, armrests) must be wrapped in a transport film and tied with tape or twine.